Art. Anklets. Adventure. Boys. Beach. Books. Bed. Balloons. Colours. Cotton Candy. Cameras. Designing. Doodles. Drawing. Exclusive. Elmo. Escapade. Food. Fancy. Friendship. Fiction. Flowers. Fashion. HL Milk. Happiness. Ikea. Jumping. Joyful. Lomography. Lifeguard. Lollipop. Lace. Long bus rides. Meadows. Music. Memories. Nautical. Navy-blue. Necklaces. Ocean. Photography. Polaroids. Pictures. Pavements. Picnics. Peace. Queer. Reading. Roads. Swimming. Seven. Sandwiches. Shopping. Shoes. THERESHA. Tanning. Talkative. Tattoos. Umbrellas. Venturing. Wanderer. Wishing.

1. 2. Hi, beautiful boy 3. I want to punch him 4. Cutest yet laziest dog 5. Contrast 6. New camera woohoo at long last 6.

1. Lazy girl is lazy in afternoon 2. New kicks 3. Awkward turtle VOGUE pose 4. I am coming to get you awkward pose 5. Boat party around Singapore for 4 mafaking hours, so boring 6. Hai! New haircut from Satomi, kawaii ^^v 7. 我的鱼儿 at Malaysia~ 8. Temper trap at FMFA 9. Sunset at Sepang Circuit

:D xoxo

:D xoxo